Garden Water Pond

When looking for a water feature, one the first things is to consider scale … it is very easy to just buy one you fancy and then get it home to find it is too tiny for the spot you had in mind. Good part about buying a water feature at your local retailer is that you can easily return it, usually for full refund.

The fun part for me about having a garden water feature is that it attracts birds during the dryer summer times … if water fountain is close to your patio seating area or a window .. it is quite a cool experience to have them be so close … watching visiting birds just going about their business is enjoyable.

A couple safety considerations, is that other insects are interested in your water source, these include wasps and bees and can be annoying and a sting hazard to some .. especially if they frequent your patio area .. and are constantly flying through your seating area. Also to be aware of young children may be temped to touch the water, if in reach, maybe afterwards put their hands in their mouth. Remember that bacteria from summer heat … and birds poop will contaminate your water … good warn to your kids and any visiting children not to touch the water.

The fastest way to get a water pond and/or fountain is to buy a prefabricated one … water features can be found at retailers like Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot … and your local garden center which may have larger water fountains in more elaborate garden styles

Garden Ponds with Fountain Ideas

Garden Fountain that sprays up in a cone shape is a popular design choice for larger gardens.

Garden fountain is attractive visually, nice soothing sound, invites birds to your garden and keeps oxygen in the water for fish.

Outdoor living space ideas have expanded greatly … and Huge selection of Patio & Garden Ponds, Fountains, pumps ideas can be found at stores lie Costco, The Home Depot, EBay, Amazon, Lowes … local garden centres …

Garden Fountain Tip: Savings can be best realized at end of season … but the selection is best the spring!