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Tree Pictures

Tree categories on the left give you access to types of trees with pictures and facts about specific tree species.

Tree Images

To view each tree image in full size, just click on the photo you like, to enlarge the tree picture.

Recent tree photo additions, are near the bottom along with translate to your favorite language.

Trees are grouped on the right into top tree searches and species categories such as fruit trees, nut trees and evergreens. Feature Page Feature Page For Fall Season

Fall is everyone's favorite season of the year. A popular fall pastime is to take the family for a drive in the country or hike in the conservation areas to see the fall colors.

Leaves on deciduous trees change color and create a majestic landscape of reds, oranges and yellows. Maple trees are especially colorful at this time of year.

We invite you to take a moment and view our feature page to see some of the beautiful fall color photos we have taken.

Or, if you prefer, you can visit our tree pictures blog where you can use the photos to help identify different types of trees or just browse and enjoy the artistic nature of the pictures.

Life of a Tree

In order for a plant to be classified as a tree it must be perennial (continues to grow for more than one year) and have a self supporting trunk made of woody material.

Anatomy of a Tree

    Tree Roots:

  • Absorb water and minerals from the soil, anchors tree to the ground, and stores food for the winter months.
  • Tree Trunk:

  • Supports the tree, protects tree from outside elements, transports food and water to the rest of the tree.
  • Tree Branches:

  • Provide transportation of food and water from the trunk to the leaves and support structures for the leaves, flowers and fruit.
  • Tree Leaves:

  • Site of photosynthesis, providing food for the tree and releasing oxygen into the air

Tree Cookies

A horizontal cut through the trunk of a tree will reveal growth rings. These rings tell the story of the life of the tree. Each year of growth can be seen as a layer of light or dark wood. Wide rings indicate good growing conditions whereas narrow rings may indicate a period of drought. The total number of rings will identify how old the tree is.


Whittling is the art of creating shapes out of wood using a knife to gradually shave off chips of wood until the desired design is achieved.

One might fashion a custom walking stick out of a maple tree branch by whittling.

The Power of a Single Tree

  • A tree produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

  • A tree absorbs as much carbon in a year, as a car produces driving 26,000 miles.

  • A tree helps combat climate change and lowers air temperature

  • A tree prevents wind and soil erosion through its roots by stabalizing the soil.

  • A tree increases water penetration and contributes to the fertility of land through nitrogen fixation.

Amazing Trees

World's Tallest Known Living Trees

  1. Coastal Redwood, California USA 379.1 ft
  2. Mountain Ash, Tasmania 327.4 feet
  3. Douglas Fir, Oregon USA 327.3 feet
  4. Sitka Spruce, California USA 317 feet
  5. Giant Sequoia, California USA 314 feet

World's Longest Living Individual Trees

  1. Bristlecone Pine, White Mountains California USA 5,062 years old
  2. Bristlecone Pine, Methuselah 4,845 years old
  3. Bristlecone Pine, Prometheus 4,844 years old

Please check out some our featured evergreen and deciduous tree images below. These trees are some of the most beautiful tree photos from our collection of different types of trees.

Tree Pictures

Tree Photos, Palm Trees in a Row Picture, Bermuda

Palm Tree Pictures

Christmas Tree: Xmas Tree Times Square NY

Christmas Trees

tree picture

Maple Trees

tree picture

Cedar Trees

cherry tree

Poplar Trees

Oak tree picture

Walnut Trees

tree picture

Willow Images

cherry tree

Lilac Tree Pictures

Oak tree picture

Oak Tree Images

Pine Tree: Country Landscape Picture of Pine Trees

Pine Tree Gallery

Tree Ppicture; Ash Tree: Beautiful Picture of White Ash Tree in Autumn

Ash Tree Photos

cherry tree

Cherry Trees

Magnolia Tree:  White Star Magnolia Flowers Bloom Image

Star Magnolia Tree

Cedar Tree; Landscape, Care, Identify Cedar Trees Image

Ornamental Cedar

Beech Tree Forest Photo: Blue Bells in Spring in the Forest of North London, UK Image

Bluebells Beeches

MapleTree: red leaves

Red Maple Leaves

tree picture

Dogwood Flowers

Oak Tree Picture: Photo of Red Oak Trees Leaves

Oak Leaf Image

tree picture tree picture

Fall Trees

tree picture

Birch Tree

tree picture tree picture


Rose Tree Pictures: Photos of a Rose Blooms Flowers

Photos of Roses

cherry tree

Cherry Trees

Linden Tree Picture: Photos of Linden Trees

Linden Trees

tree picture

Oak Tree

tree picture

Picture Oak Tree

tree picture

Wisteria Vine Tree

tree picture

Tree Sunset

oak tree photo

White Oak Tree

elm tree picture

Elm Tree

cherry tree

Cherry Tree

tree picture redwood

Redwood Tree

tree picture of cherry tree

Cherry Tree

tree picture

Willow Tree

cherry tree

Cherry Tree

tree picture: Cypress Tree

Cypress Trees

Tree Pictures, Featured Tree Categories

Tree Pictures: Sago Palm or Cycas revoluta, Palms, Palm Tree Image

Tree Pictures Palms

Pictures of Trees: Cherry Tree Blossoms, Blossoming White Cherry Trees Picture

Cherry Tree Photos

Maple Trees, Picture of Maple Tree Fall Colors

Maple Tree Pictures

Oak Trees, Picture of Oak Trees, Image of Oak Trees, Oak Tree Photos

Oak Gallery

Cedar Trees, Picture of Cedar Trees, Image of Cedar Trees, Cedar Tree Facts

Tree Pics Cedars

Pine Trees, Picture of Pine Trees, Image of Pine Trees, Pine Tree Facts

Pine Tree Pictures

Red Maple: Autumn Red Maple Leaf

Maple Gallery

Ashes: White Ash Tree Leaves

Ash Gallery

Oak: Oak Tree Leaf, White Oak Leaf Picture, Image, Photo

Oak Gallery

Red Maple: Picture of Autumn Maple Trees

Maple Trees

Scenic Photo of Variety of Trees in Autumn Color

Ash Gallery

Oak: Oak Tree Leaf, White Oak Leaf Picture, Image, Photo


Spruces: White Spruce Tree Farm Landscape Photo

Tree Pictures: White Spruce

Spruce Trees: Click on the Spruce Image to enlarge the tree photo. Find more facts and images follow to the Spruce Tree Photo Gallery

Oaks: White Oak Leaves Photo

Oak Tree Leaves

Oak Trees: Click on the Oak Image to enlarge the tree photo. Find more facts and images follow to the Oak Tree Photo Gallery

Did You Know: Trees produce more oxygen than any other single living organism.

Tree Service

Tree Service, Cutting, Removals & Trimming

Home owners and property owners may encounter the problems and headaches of having big trees.

Certainly the cost factor, be it tree relocating, transplanting, tree cutting, trimming care, disease injections, tree stump removal and/or pruning can easily add up.

Depending on the tree job, costs can go past the hundreds and into the thousands of dollars.

DIY tree service? You may consider if can do it yourself and save the money. Good idea is to call a few local tree companies and get them to come out and look over your tree problem.

Dead trees, which are left standing for a long period of time, are dangerous because the structural wood supporting the tree's weight begins to decay. If dead trees are not removed in a timely manner they can become a hazard to people passing by and surrounding property.

Before removing a large tree from your property you should check with your city's by-laws to determine if a permit is required.

Significant tree service should always be performed by a qualified arborist.

Tree Problem

The good part about the tree service industry is that most tree companies will give you a free quote. Usually, they come out the next day or so, most visits come with some 'no charge' advice or a few free words of wisdom from someone with many years experience in the tree business.

Generally, best leave the big tree jobs to the professionals, especially when trees are in close proximity to valuables such as fences, garages, neighbors houses or high voltage hydro lines ... AFV and Youtube are great sources of what can go wrong on a DIY tree cutting weekend.

Tree Stump Removal Service

P.S. Cutting down an old tree is the easy part, getting rid of the stump is the hard part. Renting a tree stump grinder is a possibility, but expensive for just one tree. Better to pick a tree service company with a large tree stump grinder and all your tree removal problems will be solved at once.

A dead tree stump is usually alive with insects. These attract birds and other wildlife so you may want to consider leaving it in place.

Tree Disease

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive species of beetle that feeds exclusively on ash trees.

Dutch Elm Disease is a fungal disease spread by the elm bark beetle. Dutch Elm Disease has wiped out millions of elm trees worldwide.

A single piece of firewood can destroy millions of trees.

Transporting firewood to your cottage or campsite allows invasive species, like the emerald ash borer, to spread causing widespread damage to trees and forests.

Purchase firewood locally and look out for pest infestation. Above all, you should avoid purchasing firewood cut from the ash tree.

For more information on the emerald ash borer visit

Endangered Species of Trees

Some species of trees have been listed on CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) which is an international agreement between governments to ensure international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

Some types of trees that have been listed on CITES includes Spanish Cedar, Mahogany, Rosewood and Ebony.

Hardness of Wood

The Janka hardness test measures the force required to embed a 0.444 inch steel ball into wood. The higher the number the harder the wood

MAPLE 1450
RED OAK 1290

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

  • Natural product is an eco-friendly choice
  • Warm and inviting ambience
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Very durable surface lasts for many years
  • Healthy environment reduces allergies to dust
  • Same price as other flooring of same quality
  • Increases resale value of your home
  • Enhances the decor in any room

Tree Symbolism

Tree symbolism stems from the deep roots of history and knowledge. Trees can symbolize beauty, strength, wisdom and eternal life. Throughout you can find symbolic meanings for different types of trees or visit for more symbols and their meanings.

Tree Pictures - Recent Tree Additions

Tree Pictures - Recent Images

Click on the Tree Photo for a full enlarged picture or click on the Category below to go to the Tree Gallery page for that tree species

Tree Pictures, Cedar Tree Type Picture

Cedar Trees

Tree Pictures, Elm Tree Type Picture

Elm Trees

Tree Pictures, Sycamore Tree Type Picture

Sycamore Trees

Poplar Tree Pictures

Poplar Trees

Pictures of Trees, Hickory Tree Type Picture

Hickory Trees

Tree Pictures, Juglans Walnut Tree Pictures

Walnut Trees

Pictures of Trees: Fall Picture of Colorful Oak Trees

Pictures of Oak Trees

Pictures of Trees: Fall Picture of Red Maple Tree

Maple Tree Pictures

Trees Images: Fall Picture of Cherry Tree Leaves

Pictures of Cherry Trees

Oak Tree Leaf: Spring Oak Leaf in Sun

Magnolia Gallery

Maples: New Maple Tree Leaf

Maple Trees

Magnolia Flower: Star Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Library

Oak Tree Leaf: Spring Oak Leaf in Sun

Oak Tree Pictures

Cherry Trees: Cherry Tree Branch Shadows Winter Snow

Cherry Trees

Red Bud Blooms: Beautiful Red Pink Flowers of the Redbud Tree

Red Bud Trees

Pine Tree: Picture of White Pine Trees Needles

Pine Tree Gallery

Rhododenrons Flowers: Blooming Rhododenron Tree Shrub Photos, Images, Picture Library, In May at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Rhododendron: France

Oak Tree Leaf: Fall Oak Leaf's Reflection

Oak Tree Library

Creative Birdhouse Designs

Bird Houses

Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree

Christmas Gazebo Xmas Picture

Xmas Decorations

Palm Trees, Picture of the Palm Tree Leaves

Palm Trees

Maple Trees, Photo of Red Japanese Maple Landscaping Design

Japanese Maple

Willow Trees, Picture of Willow Tree

Willow Trees

Park Trees, Picture of Flooded Park Bench & Trees


Rose Shrub Flower, Picture of Pink Rose Shrub Flower with Rain Droplets, Image of Roses


Maple Trees, Photo Green Maple Tree Leaf with Rain Droplets, Image of Maple Trees

Maple Trees

Magnolias, Different Types of Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Flower

Britain is home to more than half of the world's population of bluebells


Forest Animal Pictures, Animals You May See In The Forest

Forest Animals

Looking for a background image of a beautiful tree to use as on your desktop computer then check out these beautiful tree pictures you can use as free tree wallpaper.

Have a really beautiful tree picture that might look good on, just email us your image, please include if you know which type of tree it is.

Type of Trees Thank You

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