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Ash Tree Pictures

Ash Tree Pictures Gallery has many pics of Ash Trees, facts about ash trees, list of ash tree types & images for ash tree identification. Ash trees are predominantly deciduous trees although a few subtropical species are evergreen.

Ash Photos

Full size each Ash Tree Photo you like, just click on the tree image to make the Ash Tree Picture enlarge.

Tree Types

Tree picture Galleries on the left give you information about the specific tree type and lots of great pictures of that tree. Enjoy these pictures of Ash Trees.

Mountain Ash produces a white flower in the spring and very colorful orange red berries, please follow to our Mountain Ash Tree category.

White Ash: Type of Ash Tree

White Ash: White Ash Tree in Yelow Autumn Leaf Colors | Tree:Ash+White+Autumn at White Ash: White Ash Tree with Yellow Orange Autumn Leaves | Tree:Ash+White+Leaf+Autumn at

White Ash Tree

White Ash Leaves

White Ash: Tall White Ash Trees in the Forest | Tree:Ash+White at White Ash: White Ash Tree Leaves | Tree:Ash+White+Leaves at

White Ash

Ash Tree Leaves

Red Ash: Type of Ash Tree

Red Ash: Bark, Branches of the Red Ash Tree in Autumn | Tree:Ash+Red+Autumn at Red Ash: Leaf of Red Ash Tree, Leaves of Red Ash | Tree:Ash+Red+Leaf+Leaves at

Red Ash

Red Ash Tree Leaf

Black Ash: Type of Ash Tree Species

Black Ash: Black Ash Tree | Tree:Ash+Black at Ash Tree: Black Ash Tree Leaf, Leaves of Black Ash | Tree:Ash+Black+Leaf+Leaves at

Black Ash

Black Ash Tree Leaf

Blue Ash: Rare Type of Ash Tree

Blue Ash: Rare Ash Tree Photo | Tree:Ash+Blue at Blue Ash: Rare Ash Tree: Leaf, Leaves of Blue Ash Photo | Tree:Ash+Blue+Leaf+Leaves at

Rare Blue Ash Tree

Blue Ash Tree Leaves

Ash Disease: EAB - Emerald Ash Borer

Ash Disease: EAB, Emerald Ash Borer Kills Ashes Wood Photo | Tree:Ash+Disease+EAB+Wood at Ash Disease: Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Kills Ash Tree Photo | Tree:Ash+Blue at

Diseased Ash Tree

Emerald Ash Borer

Ash Photo Gallery: Library of Ash Tree Pictures

Ash Tree Photo Mountain Ash Variety Ash Tree Picture

Ash Tree Picture

Mountain Ash Type

Mountain Ash

Ash Tree Picture tree picture Ash Tree Photo

Ash Canopy

Ash Fall Colors

Ash Tree Picture

Ash, Large Ash Tree in Spring Ash Tree, Image of Ash Tree Purple Ash Tree in Fall

Large Ash Tree

Ash Tree Image

Purple Ash Tree

Green Ash Tree, Picture of an Ash Tree Ash Tree Picture Ash Tree Picture

Green Ash Tree

Ash Tree

Ash Tree Picture

Ash Tree Leaves Ash Trees in Spring and Fall ash tree picture

Ash Tree Leaves

Ash Trees


Ash Tree Pictures; European Ash Tree Species Type

Ash Trees Leaf

Ash Tree Pictures: Fall Picture of Leaf of the Pumpkin Ash, Blue Ash and European Ash Tree (Ash Tree Type Leaf is named left to right order

Ash Tree Leaves


Ash Tree Pictures 1 - Ash Tree Pictures 2

Ash Trees, Show an Ash Tree Image

Ash Tree Scientific Name - Fraxinus L.

Ash trees lose their leaves in the fall and can therefore be classified as deciduous trees. Other deciduous trees include oak trees, birch trees, elm trees and maple trees.

Ash Tree Types, List of Different Kinds of Ash Trees

There are 45 - 55 different species of Ash Tree found around the world.
Below is a list of the most common Ash Trees found in North America

  • American Ash Tree
  • Arizona Ash Tree, a fantastic desert shade tree
  • Ash Maple Tree
  • Bonita Ash Tree
  • Black Ash Tree, one of the first trees to lose its leaves in the fall
  • Blue Ash Tree, dense wood often used for tool handles
  • California Ash Tree, two-petaled ash small drought resistant ash tree
  • Carolina Ash Tree
  • European Ash Tree
  • Fan Tex Ash Tree, dense canopy offering shade in summer
  • Green Ash Tree, popular ornamental tree in North America
  • Gregg's Ash Tree
  • Manna Ash Tree
  • Marshall Ash Maple Tree
  • Modesto Ash Tree, fast growing deciduous tree turns bright yellow in fall
  • Mountain Ash Tree, a tree that poduces white flowers and red berries
  • Narrow Leaf Ash tree
  • Oregon Ash Tree
  • Patmore Ash Tree, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, large deep green shiny leaves
  • Prickly Ash Tree
  • Pumpkin Ash Tree
  • Purple Ash Tree, autumn purple ash tree, spectacular fall color
  • Shamel Ash Tree, also known as evergreen ash or tropical ash
  • Raywood Ash Tree, unique vibrant dark green canopy changing to burgundy red color in fall
  • Red Ash Tree, usually found in woodland areas in moister areas
  • Texas Ash Tree, vivid fall colors of yellow, orange, red, purple and maroon
  • Velvet Ash Tree
  • Water Ash Tree
  • White Ash Tree, fall leaf colors ranging from yellow to deep purple

Ash Tree Types and Information on Ash Trees

The Ash Tree is a fast growing tree which grows approximately 15 to 20 inches each year. Ash Trees can grow up to 80 feet and its canopy can measure 50 feet wide.

Ash Leaves

There are several types of Ash Trees, for detailed information on other types of Ash trees we suggest you do a search on google for Ash Tree Information.

Feature Ash Species: Green Ash

Ash, Green
Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Other Common Names: Red Ash, Swamp Ash, Water Ash

Hardy and fast-growing, prospers under most conditions. Lance-shaped leaflets are a lustrous medium to dark green, turning yellow in fall. Crown is densely rounded or irregular, leaf stems are velvety. Grows to 50' to 60', 25' spread.
The Green Ash can be expected to grow in the zones shown in color in the zone map.

Type of Tree:
The Green Ash falls into the following type(s): Shade Trees

Mature Height:
The Green Ash grows to be 50' - 60' feet in height.

Mature Spread:
The Green Ash has a spread of about 25' at full maturity.

Growth Rate:
This tree grows at a fast growth rate.

This ash does well in full sun.

The Green Ash grows in acidic, alkaline, drought tolerant, loamy, moist, sandy, well drained, wet, wide range, clay soils.

It prefers wet soil conditions, and has slight drought tolerance.

This ash has oval, upright or erect shape.

This trees leaves are opposite, compound, 6 to 9 inches long, 5 to 9 leaflets that range from 3 to 4 inches in length. Medium green in summer and bright yellow in autumn.

Flower Color:
Green to reddish-purple.

Bloom Time:

Fruit Description:
The fruit is elongated, 1 to 2 inches long, tan in color, attractive to birds.

Additional Information: Green Ash

An excellent shade tree, the Green Ash is extremely popular, especially in the Great Plains, and in cities and high-use parks throughout eastern United States. This popularity is due to its fast growth, marvelous adaptability to a wide range of soils, and ability to withstand drought. Like White Ash, its close relative of baseball bat fame, Green Ash has wood that is tough, elastic, straight-grained and very strong. Most oars and canoe paddles are made from Green Ash wood as the lighter, more useful White Ash wood is becoming scarce and thus expensive.

Hardy and fast-growing, prospers under most conditions. Lance-shaped leaflets are a lustrous medium to dark green, turning yellow in fall. Crown is densely rounded or irregular, leaf stems are velvety. Grows to 50' to 60', 25' spread.

Wildlife Value:
The Green Ash has moderate importance to wildlife. The seeds are eaten by wood ducks, finches, and cardinals.

The green ash tree is often planted in rows as a windbreak on large properties. The American Indians used green ash for bows and the young stems were made into arrow shafts. Used to make oars and canoe paddles

Ash Tree Pictures 1 - Ash Tree Pictures 2

Ash Tree Identification, Trivia, Notes, References

Ash Disease: Ash Tree Borer

Ash trees are affected by disease and pests. One pest, in particular, has been especially virulent. The small 1" long beetle, called the emerald ash borer, with the scientific name of Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire, is causing great alarm in parts of North America. Getting in under the Ash Tree Bark this shiny emerald green/ bluish beetle is killing the ash trees. Ash Borer picture and facts can be found here Ash Tree Borer The beetle originated from Asia was first found in North America in 2002 in the Detroit, Michigan, and across the river in Windsor, Ontario areas.

Tree Disease

A single piece of firewood can destroy millions of trees.

Transporting firewood to your cottage or campsite allows invasive species, like the emerald ash borer, to spread causing widespread damage to trees and forests.

Purchase firewood locally and look out for pest infestation. Above all, you should avoid purchasing firewood cut from the ash tree.

Ash Tree Identification

Mulberry Tree Fruit

The Ash Tree leaf pattern is unique from most trees in that it has distinctive opposite branching and can be a helpful key in identifying Ash Trees.

Ash tree's opposite branching, means there is a stem with leaf opposite each other on a branch, as seen in the Ash Leaf picture. The leaves are small toothed with a single leaflet found at the end. More Ash Tree facts can be found at Identification of Ash Trees

Ash Wood

Mulberry Tree Fruit

Ash tree has historically played a large role in baseball. Wooden baseball bats were crafted and turned out of ash tree wood.

The problem with the wooden bat is that they would split or crack when you got good contact with the ball. Thus, baseball teams needed a steady inventory of ash baseball bats to replace the broken ones.

The ash tree still readily splits under pressure, such as from ice storm build up on the branches, as can be seen in the ash tree thumbnail photo.

Today, the aluminum bat has taken over the wood ash bat, with it's familiar tong when a home run is hit.

Identify Ash Trees

Ash Tree Identification; One identifying characteristic of an ash tree is that as the tree ages over time the relatively smooth bark turns a darker medium grey and develops fissures in the bark. More about Ash Tree seeds and flowers can be found at Identifying Ash Trees

Ash Tree Trivia

In Scandinavian mythology the Ash Tree is known as the "Tree of Rebirth and Healing".

The "Yggdrasil" was believed to heal broken bones and some diseases.

In UK mythology it is believed that a girl was healed upon passing an Ash Tree.

Tree Pictures - Recent Tree Additions

Tree Pictures - Recent Images

Click on the Tree Photo for a full enlarged picture or click on the Category below to go to the Tree Gallery page for that tree species

Pine Tree: Picture of White Pine Trees Needles

Pine Tree Gallery

Rhododenrons Flowers: Blooming Rhododenron Tree Shrub Photos, Images, Picture Library, In May at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Rhododendron: France

Oak Tree Leaf: Fall Oak Leaf's Reflection

Oak Tree Library

Creative Birdhouse Designs

Bird Houses

Christmas Trees Xmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas Gazebo Xmas Picture

Xmas Decorations

Palm Trees, Picture of the Palm Tree Leaves

Palm Trees

Maple Trees, Photo of Red Japanese Maple Landscaping Design

Japanese Maple

Willow Trees, Picture of Willow Tree

Willow Trees

Park Trees, Picture of Flooded Park Bench & Trees


Rose Shrub Flower, Picture of Pink Rose Shrub Flower with Rain Droplets, Image of Roses


Maple Trees, Photo Green Maple Tree Leaf with Rain Droplets, Image of Maple Trees

Maple Trees

Looking for a background image of a beautiful tree to use as on your desktop computer then check out these beautiful tree pictures you can use as free tree wallpaper.

Have a really beautiful tree picture that might look good on, just email us your image, please include if you know which type of tree it is.

Looking for a background image of a beautiful tree to use as on your desktop computer then check out these beautiful tree pictures you can use as free tree wallpaper.

Have a really beautiful tree picture that might look good on, just email us your image, please include if you know which type of tree it is.

Looking for a background image of a beautiful tree to use as on your desktop computer then check out these beautiful tree pictures you can use as free tree wallpaper.

Have a really beautiful tree picture that might look good on, just email us your image, please include if you know which type of tree it is.

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