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Orange Tree Pictures

Orange Tree category contains many pictures of orange trees, useful information about orange trees, orange fruit, types of orange trees and facts related to the orange tree species.

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Orange Tree

Orange tree facts follow to orange facts

Orange Tree Pics

Orange: Orange Tree Fruit | Tree:Orange+Fruit at

For each Orange tree photo below just click on the tree picture to make the Orange Tree image enlarge. Enjoy these beautiful pictures of orange trees.

Orange Tree: Pictures, Photos, Images & Pics

Orange: Orange Tree Fruit | Tree:Orange+Fruit at Orange Halves: Orange Fruit Tree | Tree:Orange+Fruit at


Fruit of the Orange Tree

orange tree picture orange tree picture orange tree picture
orange tree picture orange tree picture orange tree picture
orange tree picture orange tree picture orange tree picture
orange tree picture orange tree picture orange tree picture
orange tree picture orange tree picture orange tree picture
orange tree picture

Orange Trees, Facts on Orange Trees

Orange: Orange Tree Fruit | Tree:Orange+Fruit at

Oranges Trees arrived in North America from Europe but they originated in China. Orange trees generally range in height at maturity from 22 to 30 feet. Leaves are dark green, pointed with a round base and from 3 to 5 inches in length. Leaves can live for as long as three years. Flowers are white. The fruit itself is technically a berry (hesperidium) ranging from 2 to 4 inches in diameter at full size. The number of seeds in the fruit can vary according to a variety of factors with some 'cultivars' like navels being almost completely seedless. For the home landscaper, depending on the region, there can be a wide range of orange tree varieties from which to choose.

Like all citrus trees, oranges are cold-sensitive. If you live in northern Florida, the southern areas of the other gulf states or other regions where the occasional freeze is always a possibility during winter, think about choosing an different type like a early season cultivar like 'Hamlin', 'Parson Brown', Ambersweet or 'Washington' navel. Early season cultivars bear fruit before December unlike late season cultivars, some of which may not bear fruit until March. For advice on the best choice of orange tree for your region and climate, consult your local tree care specialist. 

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Orange Tree References

Orange Tree Growing; Plant a Citrus Tree Seed from a Valencia Orange and it will grow into an Orange Tree see How an Orange Citrus Trees are Grown

Osage Orange Trees; orange tree name comes from the Osage tribe, facts and images at Osage Orange Trees

Orange Tree Horticulturist; some good questions and answers on dwarf orange tree problems, at Orange Tree Horticulturist

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