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Apple Tree Pictures

Apple Tree Picture Gallery contains many photos of Apple Trees, close up images, types of apple trees, facts about and for Apple Fruit Tree identification.

Types of Trees

Tree Photo Galleries in the left column, will give you information about the specific tree type with lots of great pictures of that tree.

Picking your own apples at the local apple farm is a great outdoor Autumn activity.

Apple Cider is quickly growing in popularity. You may find a local apple farmer promoting their versions of apple cider and will let you taste before you buy.

Apple Tree Images

Apple Tree Pictures: Red Apple Tree Fruit | Tree:Apple+Fruit at

Full size each Apple Tree photo you like, just click on the apple image to make the apple picture enlarge. Enjoy these pictures of Apple Trees.

Apple Tree Pictures: Photo Library of Apple Trees

Pictures of Apple Trees: Young Apple Trees Growing in an Apple Orchard Pictures of Apple Trees: Apple Tree Fruit, Ripening Apple Trees Fruit

Apple Orchard

Apple Tree Farm

Apples Tree Fruit, Ripping Orchard Apple Trees Fruit Apple Tree Fruit, Ripening Apple Trees Fruit

Crab Apples

Apples Tree Fruit

Apple, Red Apple Fruit Apple, Bad Apple Tree Fruit

Red Rosy Apple

Rotten Apple

Apple Tree: Apple Blossom Flower

Apple Tree Blossoms

Apples: Russet Apples, alternate names rusticoat, russeting leathercoat applet Apple Cider: Apple Sapling + Storage Bin for making Apple Ciders

Russet Apple Variety

Apple Trees; New Saplings

Apple Trees: What Blossom Flowers of Apple Tree look like  

Apple Tree Blossom


Crab Apple: Crab Tree Images

Crab Apple, Mature Crab Apple Tree in Summer Crab Apple, Pink Crab Apple Tree Blossoms in Spring, Bath, England

Crab Apple Tree

Pink Crab Apple Blossom

Crab Apple, Photo Showing Fruit & Leaves of Crab Apple Tree Pictures of Apple Trees; Crab Apples are the Fruit of the Crab Apple Tree

Crab Apple Tree Pictures

Crab Apples

Apple Tree Pictures: Crab Apple Tree Estate Landscaping Crab Apples: Fruit and Leaf of the Crab Apple Tree

Crab Apple Blossom

Crab Apple Identification

CrabApple: White Crab Flower

Crab Apples: Crab Apple Tree Landscaping

Crab Apples: Fruit and Leaf of the Crab Apple Tree

Crab Apple Tree

Crab Apple Blossom

More Apple Tree Images

Old Apple Tree, Picture of Hollow Old Apple Tree Log

Old Apple Tree Log

Apple Leaf: Amazing Autumn Red Apple Tree Leaves Picture, Cool Images of Apple Trees

Apple Tree Leaf

Apples: Fruit of the Apple Tree

Crab Apple Tree

apple tree picture

Apple Tree Image

Dwarf Apple Trees: Espalier Apple Fruit Garden Picture apple tree picture
Apple Tree: Picture of an Old Apple Tree Twisted Trunk and Bark apple tree picture
Pictures of Apples: New Apple Fruit tree picture
apple tree picture apple tree picture
tree picture tree picture
tree picture apple tree picture
tree picture tree picture

Apple Tree Pictures 1 - Apple Tree Pictures 2

Apple Tree Log

Apple Tree Types: List of Different Types of Apple Tree

  • Ambrosia Apple Tree, semi-dwarf apple tree
  • Anna Apple Tree, popular apple tree grown in Southern states
  • Antonovka Apple Tree, popular Russian apple tree variety
  • Cortland Apple Tree, prized for making apple products such as pies, cider, juice and applesauce
  • Crab Apple Tree, famous for their colorful, fragrant springtime blossoms
  • Golden Delicious Apple Tree, self pollinating, produces excellent cooking apples
  • Granny Smith Apple Tree, produces fruit that is tart and delicious
  • Honeycrisp Apple Tree, a hardy tree that produces crisp, succulent apples
  • Spartan Apple Tree, easy to grow apple tree for home orchards

Apple Tree Facts

Apple: Red Apple Tree Fruit | Tree:Apple+Fruit at

Apple trees are deciduous, fruit bearing trees that grow primarily in the northern hemisphere. They prefer the dry climate and warm summers of Canada and America, and cannot be grown in the tropics, or above the Arctic Circle. There are some apple trees that are now cultivated in Australia and New Zealand. When grown in the wild, apple trees often have thorns on the branches, in order to protect the fruit.

Apple trees are also flowering trees, and it is the pollination of their flowers that will allow for fruit to grow. When planting apple trees in a garden, it is important to know that many apple trees do not self-pollinate. For this reason, only one apple tree in the garden may not be able to produce much, if any fruit. To solve this, plant several different varieties of apple trees with similar flowering times to allow for cross-pollination.

Apple trees should be planted in November, if possible. They can also be planted up to the end of March. This is when the soil is most friable. The apple trees should be planted firmly, with the soil pressed down hard around the roots. The apple trees should then be tied to a strong enough stake, for support until the roots take hold. Mulch should be applied around the base of the apple trees, to help retain moisture during the first growing period.

The apple tree is very popular because of its delicious fruit. The fruit of apple trees come in many different sizes and colors, ranging from almost cherry sized to grapefruit sized, yellow and green to red depending on the variety.

There are over 7500 species of apple worldwide, with 2500 varieties grown in North America.

The fruit from apple trees should be eaten directly from the tree or within a week of harvest. Fruit that will be stored from apple trees should be kept in a cool, dark, moist and frost-proof location.

Feature Apple Species: Crab Apple

Apple, Crab
Malus sylvestris

Other Common Names: Crabapples, crab apples, crabs, wild apples, orchard apple

Type of tree:
The Crab Apple tree falls into the following type(s): Ornamental, Fruit

Mature Height:
The Crab apple grows to be 15' - 25' feet in height.

Mature Spread:
The crab apple tree has a spread of about 15' - 25' at full maturity.

Spread Variations:

Growth Rate:
This tree grows approximately 8 to 10 inches per year depending on the crabapple species.

The flowering crabapple does well in full sun.

The Crabapple grows well in rich loamy soil which is moist and slightly acidic.

Requires good drainage for tree health.

The crab apple tree can come in a variety of shapes from weeping, spreading, columnar, vase-shaped and pyramidal.

The leaves are oval in shape with serrated edges and are arranged alternately on the crab apple stem. They may be green or purple in color.

Crab apples have clusters of fragrant white, pink or red blossoms in the spring.

Bloom Time:
April- mid May.

Fruit Description:
Crabapples ripen in the summer and fall. Fruit is two inches in diameter or less. Colors range from dark red, red, orange, yellow and green

Apple Tree: Trivia, Comments, Reference


Apple Inc's famous use of the apple tree fruit name started in April 1976. Styled logo of an Apple is a signature of the Apple Iphone, Apple computers, Apple website, Apple stores and Apple related products, apps and services. Apple ( has sold over 800 million iphones & ipads; June 2014.

The Ancient Greek and Romans loved their apples. Early apple trees originated in the Caspian and Black Sea regions.

Apple Fruit

Apples: Putting out apple cores or old bruised apples is a fast way to attract carpenter ants. Bait the apples with boric acid in an effort to get the bait back to the queen ant to rid the problem of carpenter ants.

Pioneers built straw-lined bins below ground to prevent apples and root vegetables from freezing during the winter months.

McIntosh Apple Tree lineage is directly linked to a single tree found by John McIntosh in 1811 on his farm in Dundas County, Ontario, Canada

Apple Blossom is the state flower of both Michigan and Arkansas.

An Apple Tree takes a minimum of 4 years to produce its first fruit.

An average Apple contains approximately 130 calories.

Scrumpy is a term used for very potent apple cider made in South West England. Drinker beware!

Oldest Apple Tree

The oldest Apple Tree was planted by Peter Stuyvesant in 1647. It survived until 1866 when it was struck by a derailed train.

Pomology is the scientific study and cultivation of fruit.

Crab Apple

Crab Apple Tree produces majestic display of flowers in spring and is a popular landscape tree.

Dwarf Apple Trees

Europeans brought their favorite fruit trees when they immigrated to North America. The European Espalier Garden is a old technique of pruning apple fruit trees to dwarf the tree's size and maintain maximum fruit production. Espalier Garden techniques date back to Media Evil Times. Victorians used these Espalier trimming methods to maximize a fruit trees production within their high wall gardens where they grew all their vegetables and other fruits.

Apple Tree Pictures 1 - Apple Tree Pictures 2

Thank you for visiting Apple Tree Pictures, please feel free to check out some more great tree pictures in theTree Gallery List - top left.

Type of Trees

Tree Pictures - Recent Tree Additions

Tree Pictures - Recent Images

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Pictures of Trees: Fall Picture of Colorful Oak Trees

Pictures of Oak Trees

Pictures of Trees: Fall Picture of Red Maple Tree

Maple Tree Pictures

Trees Images: Fall Picture of Cherry Tree Leaves

Pictures of Cherry Trees

Oak Tree Leaf: Spring Oak Leaf in Sun

Magnolia Gallery

Maples: New Maple Tree Leaf

Maple Trees

Magnolia Flower: Star Magnolia Tree

Magnolia Library

Oak Tree Leaf: Spring Oak Leaf in Sun

Oak Tree Gallery

Cherry Trees: Cherry Tree Branch Shadows Winter Snow

Cherry Trees

Red Bud Blooms: Beautiful Red Pink Flowers of the Redbud Tree

Red Bud Trees

Pine Tree: Picture of White Pine Trees Needles

Pine Tree Gallery

Rhododenrons Flowers: Blooming Rhododenron Tree Shrub Photos, Images, Picture Library, In May at the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Rhododendron: France

Oak Tree Leaf: Fall Oak Leaf's Reflection

Oak Tree Library

Creative Birdhouse Designs

Bird Houses

Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree

Christmas Gazebo Xmas Picture

Xmas Decorations

Palm Trees, Picture of the Palm Tree Leaves

Palm Trees

Maple Trees, Photo of Red Japanese Maple Landscaping Design

Japanese Maple

Willow Trees, Picture of Willow Tree

Willow Trees

Park Trees, Picture of Flooded Park Bench & Trees


Rose Shrub Flower, Picture of Pink Rose Shrub Flower with Rain Droplets, Image of Roses


Maple Trees, Photo Green Maple Tree Leaf with Rain Droplets, Image of Maple Trees

Maple Trees

Magnolias, Different Types of Magnolia Flowers

Magnolia Flower

Britain is home to more than half of the world's population of bluebells


Forest Animal Pictures, Animals You May See In The Forest

Forest Animals

Looking for a background image of a beautiful tree to use as on your desktop computer then check out these beautiful tree pictures you can use as free tree wallpaper.

Have a really beautiful tree picture that might look good on, just email us your image, please include if you know which type of tree it is.

Looking for a background image of a beautiful tree to use as on your desktop computer then check out these beautiful tree pictures you can use as free tree wallpaper.

Have a really beautiful tree picture that might look good on, just email us your image, please include if you know which type of tree it is.

Type of Trees

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