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Walnut Tree Pictures

Walnut Tree Pictures Gallery contains many walnut trees pictures, close up images, walnut tree types and facts for Walnut Tree identification.

Walnut Photos

For each Walnut Tree picture you like, just click on the tree image to make the Walnut Tree picture enlarge.

White Walnut Tree

Interested in the White Walnut Tree category of which Butternut Tree is a member, please follow to Butternut Trees. Enjoy these pictures of Walnut Trees.

Walnut Tree Pictures: Photo Library of Walnut Trees

Walnut Tree Pictures: Black Walnut Tree Bark Attracts Woodpecker

Woodpecker on Walnut Tree

Pictures of Black Walnut Tree: Feeding Robins

Robins on Walnut Tree

Walnut: Black Walnut Tree

Large Walnut Tree

Black Walnut: Walnut Trees Fruit Leaves

Black Walnut

Walnut: Black Walnut Tree Hit by Lighting 15 Years Ago

Black Walnut Tree

Black Walnut: Opened Walnut Tree Fruit

Inside A Black Walnut

Walnut Bark: Winter Picture of Black Walnut Tree Branches Bark

Walnut Tree Bark

Black Walnut Species: Green Walnut Tree Fruit


Green Walnut, From the Black Walnut as Fallen from the Tree

Black Walnut

Walnut, Black Walnut Tree Nut Photo

Dried Out Walnut

Black Walnut Tree Eater Image | Walnut Photos @

Black Walnut Eater

Walnut Tree Pictures - Black Walnut Hidden By Sqirrel on Garden Fence

Black Walnut

Walnut Tree Pictures; Different Black Walnuts, Fruit of the Walnut Trees

Black Walnuts

Walnut Tree Pictures: Collection of Black Walnuts Fallen from the Black Walnut Tree

Walnut Collection

Walnut Trees: More Photos of Walnuts

Walnut Tree Images: Leaf, Catkins, Bark, Leaves of Black Walnut Trees Picture

Walnut Spring Growth

Walnut Tree, Young Black Walnut Tree Photo

Walnut Tree Picture

Walnuts, Fruit of the Walnut Tree

Black Walnuts

Walnuts, Green Walnut Fruit


Walnut Tree Photo, Common Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree Spring

Black Walnut Tree Picture

Walnut Tree Winter

Walnut Tree Pictures - Mature Walnut Tree Offers Lots of Shade

Walnut Tree Picture

Walnut Tree, Picture of Large Walnut Tree in Summer

Large Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree Species, Large Black Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree Species

Walnut Tree Pictures - Black Walnut Tree Bark

Hollowed Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree Pictures - Black Walnut Tree Compound Leaves

Walnut Tree Identification

Pictures of Walnut Tree: Black Walnut Tree

Juglans Nigra

Walnut Tree Pictures - Black Walnut Tree Bark

Black Walnut Bark

Walnut Tree Pictures - Black Walnut Tree Catkins

Black Walnut Catkins

Walnut Tree Pictures - Black Walnut Tree Catkins

Walnut Disease

Walnut Tree Types, English Walnut Tree

English Walnut

Walnut Tree Picture

Walnut Tree

Large Black Walnut Tree Photo

Black Walnut Tree

Black Walnut Tree Picture

Black Walnut Tree

Texas Walnut Tree Picture

Texas Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree Trunk, Branches & Leaves

Walnut Tree Bark

Picture of a Black Walnut Shell

Black Walnut Shell

Picture of Green Walnuts on the Tree

Green Walnuts

Walnuts Squirrel mess and black Husk Decay

Husk Decay

Picture of a English Walnuts

English Walnut

Picture of Walnut Shell from Black Walnut Tree

Black Walnut Shell

Picture of Large Walnut Tree

Black Walnut Tree

Picture of a Black Walnut Bark

Black Walnut Bark

Picture of Green Walnuts turned Black after dropped from the Tree

Black Walnut

Walnuts Squirrel mess and black Husk Decay

Young Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree Scientific Name - Juglans

Types of Walnut Trees, Different Walnut Tree Species

  • Andean Walnut Tree
  • Arizona Walnut Tree
  • Black Walnut Tree, Juglans nigra
  • Bolivian Walnut Tree, Juglans boliviana
  • Butternut Tree, Juglans cinerea The only walnut tree native to Canada
  • Carpathian English Walnuts, Juglans regia) Hardiest, origin Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe
  • California Black Walnut Tree
  • English Walnut Tree, Juglans regia commercially cultivated for its large thin shelled seed.
  • Hinds Black Walnut Tree, native to northern California.
  • Japanese Walnut Tree
  • Little Walnut Tree
  • Manchurian Walnut Tree
  • Persian Walnut Tree, more commonly known as English walnut
  • West Indian Walnut Tree

Other trees that produce edible nuts include almond, pecan, beech, hazelnut, cashew and butternut.

Feature Walnut Species: Black Walnut

Our feature walnut tree species is the Black Walnut.

If you are looking for information on other types of walnut, we recommend using Google search.

We hope you enjoy the information and photos we have provided to help you identify various types of walnut, to learn interesting facts about walnut trees and how walnut wood is used in a variety of industries.



Walnut, Black
Juglans nigra

Prized for its nuts and attractive hardwood. Fragrant leaves. Likes deep, rich, well-drained soil; grows more slowly in drier soils. Grows to 50' to 75', 60' spread. (May self-pollinate, plant two trees to ensure pollination)

Type of tree:
The Black Walnut falls into the following type(s): Nut Trees

Mature Height:
The Black Walnut grows to be 50' - 75' feet in height.

Mature Spread:
The Black Walnut has a spread of about 50' - 75' at full maturity.
Spread Variations:

Growth Rate:
This tree grows at a medium growth rate.

This walnut does well in full sun.

The Black Walnut grows in acidic, alkaline, loamy, moist, rich, sandy, well drained, wet, wide range, clay soils.

This walnut has rounded shape.

Black Walnut Leaves:
Pinnately compound, alternate, 12"-24" leaves each consisting of 15-23, 2"-5" dark green leaflets. The leaflets are finely toothed.

Flower Color:

Bloom Time:

Fruit Description:
The fruit consists of three layers: the round 1 1/2"-2" green fleshy husk borne singly or in clusters of 2-3, a black, hard, thick corrugated, 1-1 1/2" shell, a kernel with a rich, oily flavor. Harvested in early autumn.

Additional Information: Black Walnut

The practical and the aesthetic combine in black walnut to make this species one of the most treasured trees in American history. The valuable dark brown wood is strong with a handsome grain that polishes easily and gleams forever. The rich flavored nuts are enjoyed fresh and retain their flavor and texture during cooking. Black walnuts have nearly twice the protein of English walnuts.

Prized for its nuts and attractive hardwood. Fragrant leaves. Likes deep, rich, well-drained soil; grows more slowly in drier soils. Grows to 50' to 75', 60' spread. (May self-pollinate, plant two trees to ensure pollination)

Wildlife Value:
Black walnuts are eaten by squirrels.

Early settlers used the tannins for dying cloth, wool and hair. The wood is used for furniture, ship building and for manufacturing veneer.

Other trees that produce nuts include beech, butternut, chestnut, oak, palm, pecan and hickory.

Walnut Tree Trivia

A walnut is the nut of any tree in the genus Juglans. Walnuts are a great source of protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for optimal health.

More than 99% of the walnuts in USA are grown in the fertile soils of California's Central Valley. Commercial growers use trunk and limb shakers to remove walnuts from the tree. Walnuts in shell have a long storage life.

California is also the largest producer of walnuts in the world. It is estimated that there are over 125,000 acres of walnut trees in the state of California.

Horses are susceptible to laminitis, an inflammation of the foot, from exposure to black walnut wood in bedding.

Juice from the Black Walnut husk and inner bark has a characteristic staining property.

Walnuts and hickories produce a chemical called juglone. Black walnut and butternut trees are a problem for landscape gardeners as sensitive plants will not thrive under the canopy of a walnut tree.

In the Greek language a walnut is known as "karyon" which means head. So named because the walnut shell looks like a skull which protects the brain-like kernel inside it.

Walnut shells are used to make sand paper, glues, plastics and cleaning products.

Walnut Tree Wildlife

Walnuts are popular with the squirrels who can gnaw through the hard nut shell to get the tasty walnut seeds.

Walnut Tree Symbolism

The Walnut tree has long been the symbol of mystical, universal wisdom and knowledge, that must be revered and protected.

Walnut Tree Comments

Walnut Tree Habitant

Mature Walnut Trees are a relatively large tree growing to 20-25 metres, or 80 feet plus high. Squirrels love to nest and breed in walnut trees as the walnut fruit provides a good source of food from mid summer to fall. Walnuts grow from a 3-6 cm or 1.25-2.5 inch range and fall with some force.

Black Walnut Trees

Under a mature black walnut tree, it is not recommended that you put your aluminum shed because when the walnuts ripen and fall from the tree, they make a large metal bang when they hit the shed roof. Not so quite oasis in your backyard in the late summer.

Black Walnut Tree History

Walnuts are the oldest known tree food, dating back as far as 7000 B.C.

Walnut Tree Comments: Facts, Notes, Reference

Black Walnut Tree produces a toxin called “juglone”, found in the buds, roots, and walnut hulls. Black Walnut juglone can inhibit the growth of certain trees and plants under it's canopy. Further Black Walnut, Juglans nigra L., Plant Symbol - JUNI information can be located at US Natural Resources link here Walnut Tree.

Black Walnut Tree Wood

Large black walnut trees produce the most highly valued hardwood in North America. Prized for its beautiful grain, black walnut trees are in high demand but this type of tree is becoming very rare. High demand and reduced availability makes this wood, and furniture made from it, very expensive.

Urban grown walnut trees are of little wood value for fear that these trees may contain nails or metal objects which would damage the large saw blades.

Walnut wood is a popular choice for butcher block counter tops in your kitchen. You can apply a variety of finishes to bring out the grain and protect the wood from water and any harsh chemicals.

Black Walnuts

Black Walnuts husks have a surprising smell. A green walnut with its husk still on, which has recently fallen from the tree or green walnut picked off a small tree, has a sweet citron smell that is quite pleasant.

Black Walnut

Black Walnuts have been used to dye fabrics and wool in the old pioneer days. Black walnuts that fall on driveways, pathways and near door entrances can be a problem. One has to be careful after a rain storm not to track in the black dark brownish walnut dyes which can stain your carpets and hallway runners.

Black Walnut Safety

Black Walnuts can grow to a substantial diameter, 2 to 2.5 inch diameter, possibly as large as 3 inches round. Hidden in long grass they are hard to see and one can easy turn an ankle if you step directly on a fallen walnut.

Walnut wood is a straight grained hardwood that ranges in color from chocolate brown to yellow. A popular choice for intricately carved dining tables, headboards and mantels, but be prepared to pay the price!

Walnut Tree Problems

On a windy day stay away from walking, talking or standing under walnut trees, as dead branches and walnuts can fall at any time.

Walnut crop and size of walnuts varies between years. Some years they will be numberous, others years large 2.5 inches round and other years only a few.

The larger your Walnut Tree the more walnuts to clean up in the Autumm.

Fall walnuts best picked up after a windy storm as the walnuts fall to the ground. If you have a lot of walnuts to pick up, best group them in lots and then use a shovel to pick them up.

Favorite walnut picker up is the spade shovel. using the pointed end initially to load walnuts, once no more walnuts will go on, them use the sides to slip more fallen walnuts on before dumping them in your container.

Walnut Tree squirrels seem to try to get rid of you by cutting off walnuts near where you stand to chase you away.

Removing Autumn Walnuts from your property is a way to reduce the attractiveness of squirrels locating nest(s) in your near buy shed, garage or house. Ridding of squirrels can be a pain and one way to prevent a return is to put chicken wire in the hole(s) they create, as wood does not seem to deter them

Fruit Bearing Trees

A tree which bears fruit that is consumed by humans and some animals is called a fruit tree.

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Rose Shrub Flower, Picture of Pink Rose Shrub Flower with Rain Droplets, Image of Roses


Maple Trees, Photo Green Maple Tree Leaf with Rain Droplets, Image of Maple Trees

Maple Trees

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