Wood Trail Post

Established conservations areas will have trail posts marking your walking route as in the photo above.

Some trails are left to the walkers to figure out. If you have ever been lost or without anyone’s help for directions near dark it can unnerving trying to get back to the vehicle .

This state of mind can easy against work again your safety.

When ever there is a walking trail board posted, take one or more photos of the map so you can refer back to the trails.

White Pine Tree

A mature white pine is one of the taller trees in the forest.

In the evergreen tree class, because it retains it’s green needles year round.

In the Autumn a large perimeter bed of fallen needles is created .. which animals rummage around in and source the seeds found in pine cones

White Pine trees is readily identified by it’s soft needles.

Garden Water Pond

When looking for a water feature, one the first things is to consider scale … it is very easy to just buy one you fancy and then get it home to find it is too tiny for the spot you had in mind. Good part about buying a water feature at your local retailer is that you can easily return it, usually for full refund.

The fun part for me about having a garden water feature is that it attracts birds during the dryer summer times … if water fountain is close to your patio seating area or a window .. it is quite a cool experience to have them be so close … watching visiting birds just going about their business is enjoyable.

A couple safety considerations, is that other insects are interested in your water source, these include wasps and bees and can be annoying and a sting hazard to some .. especially if they frequent your patio area .. and are constantly flying through your seating area. Also to be aware of young children may be temped to touch the water, if in reach, maybe afterwards put their hands in their mouth. Remember that bacteria from summer heat … and birds poop will contaminate your water … good warn to your kids and any visiting children not to touch the water.

The fastest way to get a water pond and/or fountain is to buy a prefabricated one … water features can be found at retailers like Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot … and your local garden center which may have larger water fountains in more elaborate garden styles

Wood Stools

Wood Stools are handy as they can be used for every day use or secondary seating, brought out for added seating.

These wood stools are cut out of solid wood and thus have a solid bottom and are relatively sturdy.

Without backs, the stool makes for a great space saver .. able to be tucked under a table or in a corner when not in use.

Nice part about the above designed wood stools, these are little more up scale design than the basic cut log pieces that one going to find around the outdoor firepit.

Note: These turned stools are not readily found and may require custom order or fabrication.

Hickory Tree Holden’s Shagbark

Hickory Tree Holden’s Shagbark Type

Hickory Tree Shagbark can be identified by its bark which has a shaggy appearance. The tree’s bark sticks out and look like it is going to fall off, as a result the shag bark tree name.

Hickory Tree Shagbark has a long tap root can be difficult to transplant. A transplanted hickory tree recovery can take up to two seasons to restart it’s growth … takes up to 10 plus years for hickory trees to produce shagbark nuts.

Hickory Trees – follow to see lots more Hickory Tree pictures!

Wrought Iron Chair Design

Wrought Iron chairs make for a great up scale garden design addition.

Creating a “Vintage Look” is the advantage that wrought iron presents … a heavier historical feel, chairs, tables and benches that one would find in a Victorian garden in the 1800-1900’s.

Antique steel wrought chairs are harder to come by …many rust away when left outdoors in the rain. Wrought iron furniture is heavy and readily resists blowing over in heavy winds, unlike the basic plastic patio chairs.

Good part is that wrought iron chairs are available cast in aluminium, although not as heavy as the old wrought iron furniture, they are stable in the windy locations and do not rust on the legs bottoms which can stain stone and interlocking patios.

Adding, as in the photos above, a small matching table allows you have a sweet little spot for a morning cup of coffee .. or evening drink with a friend.

Landscape Design with Rocks

Designing your Garden with a large rock element is a simple way to create a focal point.

The more knarly the shape, the bigger the holes and using large scale can add a unique natural element to your garden.

Color differences can be attractive and add interest if you can find.

Larger shape and scale are a landscaping factor, as too small rock display will get hidden or over grown by future tree and plant growth.

Rock Landscape Photo is a good example, it is knarly, sizable and has some color contrast … good luck in your rock hunt.

Landscape Design with Metal Bench

Landscaping designs and layouts are dynamic not static.

Over time, the tree behind the metal bench has over taken the area around the seating area. It is easier, cheaper and faster to trim the tree when the bench is bolted down on a pad.

Garden Design Tip: Trees that over hang benches and seating areas can be messy and may result in stains on clothing

Garden Ideas with Driftwood

Driftwood fits perfectly with most garden designs and establishes an inspirational garden setting.

Hang it on the fence, move the piece around different beds, plant flowers and trees around your found driftwood … it is a fast way to decorate your garden.

Finding Driftwood: At the beach is the cheapest way … but at your upscale garden center you may find they sell driftwood, some in cedar which can be rot resistant .. best call around first to your save time!

Garden Ponds with Fountain Ideas

Garden Fountain that sprays up in a cone shape is a popular design choice for larger gardens.

Garden fountain is attractive visually, nice soothing sound, invites birds to your garden and keeps oxygen in the water for fish.

Outdoor living space ideas have expanded greatly … and Huge selection of Patio & Garden Ponds, Fountains, pumps ideas can be found at stores lie Costco, The Home Depot, EBay, Amazon, Lowes … local garden centres …

Garden Fountain Tip: Savings can be best realized at end of season … but the selection is best the spring!

Weeping Birch Tree

Weeping Birch Tree is great feature tree in one’s garden with it’s graceful drooping downward branches.

This church landscape design features a large wood cross left to weather grey.

A Weeping Birch tree can be found in most garden nursery centres .. not so much in the big box building stores!

Wood Bird House

Wood birdhouse colorfully painted adds a spark of interest in one’s garden design.

This unique bird house is little creative and visually interesting with the use of bright colors and little design funk.

Birdhouse is mounted about 10 feet (3 meters) off the ground on a cedar pole with it’s bark still intact. Behind is pine board and batten building siding with well an established vine climbing the wall.

Wood Bird Houses – follow to see some unique inspiring creative bird house pictures

Trimmed Cedars

A Cedar tree’s growth generally retains the latest shape created … but a new trimming can bring back the design shape you like.

Cedar trees can be formed into many shapes.  This is an easy DIY project!

When one is pruning cedars,  some prefer to cut the bottom wider than the top to allow sunlight to the lower branches … more of a Christmas tree or cone shape. Cedars are flexible and as shown in the picture above as cedars are trimmed in more of a column shape.

Trimming cedar trees or hedge can be done most any time of the year. The best time is after spring’s 6-8 week cedar leaf growth period.

Cedar Pruning Caution: Start out slowly and trim a little at a time until your shape starts to develop.  Cutting to deeply into the cedar you will run into the interior branches that have little or no foliage … then you end with a hole in you shape .. not so good!

Tools need are a sharp pair of hand shears for smaller trees … some smaller cedar hedges can be done with shears but with larger cedar hedges one needs an electric or gas shears.

If you have large and tall cedar hedges consider using an arborist as there is some danger and/or skill involved.

Advantages to regular annual pruning is that it keeps the cedar’s shape you want. Regular trimming maintains your cedar’s size and the garden area they take up.

Eastern Arborvitae ‘Sherwood Moss’

Having trouble identifying a particular tree you would like to incorporate in your landscape design?

Why not pay a visit to your local arboretum. They do a fantastic job of labeling their trees and plants.

As indicated on the  sign, the scientific name for the Eastern Arborvitae, Sherwood Moss is Thuja occidentalis.